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What is Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word is an application used for its publishing and content processing capabilities. You can easily add versatility to your documents, minimalize the room for error, and improve your work simply by using Microsoft Word. The user-friendly interface makes it a great experience for beginners, professionals, and everything in between.

Due to its large user base, Word files have become commonly used as a format for sharing text documents. Word files are accessible; even if the recipient doesn’t own Word itself, they can view your file using a third-party viewer, web browser, or a different word processor that handles the Word format.

More than just a filetype, Word has been many people’s go-to publishing software for years. Word has introduced innovative features such as AutoCorrect and the Office Clipboard, as well as the simplistic Ribbon interface that often gets imitated by competitors.

Flawless integration with other Microsoft applications also makes Microsoft Word rise above different word processors. It’s part of the broader Microsoft Office Suite. The compatibility between apps in the Office family is unparalleled and perfect for home users or businesses of any size. For example, you can use Excel to import graphs and data, extract your text from a PowerPoint slide and much more.

Benefits of using Word

You may be asking yourself, “Why should I buy Microsoft Word? Is it really worth it?” The question is valid, however, the answer depends on your needs. Many free web applications such as Google Docs or even Microsoft’s Word for Web are capable of basic functions. However, purchasing the real product has its definite benefits.

Whether you’re writing an essay, printing a flyer for a neighborhood garage sale or drafting an invoice for your business, Microsoft Word makes it as easy as possible. With great features within your reach, there is no reason to wait to get your hands on the product that so many people trust.

You also have the ability to import and export data from or into other Microsoft Office products. This can’t be beaten by any other word processor, as this feature is often absent or severely limited. Imagine this situation: you need to explain complex data to your readers. Instead of writing a lengthy and messy paragraph, you can import a data chart from Excel, Visio, or Access to Word and make your document easier to process.

What’s new in Word 2019?

If you’re looking to write content, Word 2019 is simply the perfect solution. Students, teachers, writers, business people, and just about anybody else can take advantage of the capabilities Word 2019 provides. It’s as versatile and dependable as it is creative and easy to use. Even if it’s your first time sitting in front of a computer, you can pick up the way Word works within minutes. Once you got the basics down, the rest is a piece of cake.

One of the most significant advantages of using the newest Word release is the real-time editing and co-authoring feature, perfect for a team working on a project, or students collaborating on research. Users can suggest or make edits depending on their permissions, add ideas, or delete unnecessary material alongside you, all on the same document.

Word 2019 also includes many accessibility features to make your life easier when you need it. With the Accessibility Checker, you can implement changes into your documents to make them easier to read and understand for everyone around the world. Suggestions can be reviewed and implemented in your document with one simple click.

Besides being accessible, Word 2019 also runs well no matter what your computer specs are. Even on a low-end device, you can easily fire up the application and begin working on your projects with ease. The optimized features work to create an experience enjoyable for everyone, as opposed to the slow and often frustrating pace of older Word applications.


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